July 8, 2012 – Bicycle Accident in Hesperia Results in the Death of the Cyclist

On the road, cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians all share the same road and the same rules of the road.  When motorist, bicyclists or pedestrians occupy the same spot on the road, at the same time, the results can be devastating for the bicyclist or pedestrian.  On Sunday, July 8, 2012, one of those unfortunate incidents occurred when a bicyclist, Harold Blahut, age 62 of Hesperia died from injuries sustained from an impact with a car on Hickory Avenue.  The responsibility for the accident was not disclosed in the information provided by the San Bernardino Sun.

The unfortunate challenge for bicyclists is that drivers often are not looking for bicyclists and as a result they fail to take proper precautions to prevent accidental impacts with bikers.  Tragedies like that of Mr. Blahut’s accident often are fully and completely avoidable except for the negligence of either the bicyclist or the driver or both.  When these accidents do occur, the family members left behind need support, assistance and to find answers and help to secure compensation for the loss.  Frankly, money never resolves the loss.  But in our society, that is the only manner of making some restitution for the loss.

Wrongful death attorneys or personal injury attorneys with experience in handling these types of matters, should be immediately consulted to prevent the loss of evidence, and to find some way to help the family find some nominal relief from the pain of the loss.  Our office has handled a significant number of injury and death claims and have helped those families and individuals regain the needed emotional and financial support following the loss.

Tell me what you think of the fact that our society uses money to compensate people for the accidental or intentional physical and emotional losses.

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