According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, (Traffic Safety Facts, March 2010), 2009 statistical projections of traffic fatalities show an estimated 33,963 people died in motor vehicle traffic crashes. Astonishingly, this number of vehicular deaths represents an 8.9 percent drop as compared to 2008 when there were 37,261 fatalities from car, truck and motorcycle collisions.  This number of deaths is the lowest since 1954.  It should be noted, that by the fourth quarter of 2009, there will have been 15 consecutive quarters of declines in fatalities.

In my opinion, the reason for these consistent declines comes from a variety of sources.  These include, improved safety features in vehicles, greater use of seat belts, safety awareness, better roadways, etc.  Many of these advances in safety come from the contribution of injury and product liability attorneys that were willing to challenge large corporations and show that these companies knew of the dangers and that simple improvements can be made to make the car, product or roadway safe.  Safer cars, trucks, motorcycles, roadways and equipment mean fewer roadway deaths.

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