Alta Loma Wrongful Death Attorney | Drunk Driver Hits Alta Loma High School Students

Rancho Cucamonga resident, Cory Holker, 29, is currently in custody after an alleged drunk driving accident across from Alta Loma High School.  Holker was traveling east on Baseline Road when he lost control of his silver Toyota Camry while trying to pass another vehicle.  His car jumped the curb and struck and knocked down a tree.  Due to the force of the initial collision, the vehicle’s back end swung around onto the sidewalk and hit three teenage girls, all students of Alta Loma High School.  One of the girls was pinned against the car as good Samaritans came to her aid.  One of them was neighbor Raymond Holland.  He said, "I heard the screech of the tires, felt a really bad feeling.  By the time I got to the door, I heard the bang and the whole house shook."  Holland also said that Holker did not attempt to help the girls, but was trying to dispose of liquor bottles.  When authorities arrived, they administered a breathalyser test and took Holker into custody.  All three girls were transferred to local hospitals with varying injuries.

This morning, October 11, 2012, I woke to my radio clock announcing this tragic accident yesterday at Alta Loma High School.  The first thing I thought of was how those girls and their families must be feeling.  Shocked from the tragedy and at the same time grateful it was not worse.  Being the father of four, and having sent all my kids to our local high schools, I know the concern each parent has when they send their children out the door to school.  We hope and pray that they arrive safe and return to our homes without incident.  Unfortunately, sometimes there are those, such as this driver, who fail to take concern for anyone else and drive while intoxicated.  There have been too many cases come to my office where the cause of the accident was a drunk driver.  When will we as a society wake up and recognize the plague that this is against innocent drivers, pedestrians and their families hoping that they arrive safely?  I hope soon so no others have to experience the pain of injury or death at the hands of a drunk driver.

To all the families dealing with this tragedy or others involving drunk or negligent drivers, we at the Inland Empire Law Group, extend our thoughts and prayers for a speedy, complete and uneventful recovery.  For more information on preventing drunk driving see the MADD website and see what you can do.  Our office stands ready to help Inland Empire residents in need of legal services following an injury accident or death of a loved one.

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