Fontana Auto Accident Attorney | Fontana Motorcycle v. Truck Accident Causes Injury

On July 27, 2010, the Inland Empire’s Daily Bulletin reported a Fontana, California motorcycle verses semi-tractor trailer truck collision.  This motorcycle accident was reported as occurring at the 8800 block of Cherry Avenue, in Fontana.  The motorcyclist was injured in the accident and taken to an Inland Empire hospital.  At the present time, there is no reported information as to how this Fontana motorcycle v. truck accident occurred.

Anytime there is an accident, whether it involves a motorcycle accident like this reported Inland Empire motorcycle accident, or a car accident, determining who is at fault for the accident is one of the first things that needs to be determined in order to obtain compensation for the injuries suffered in the accident.

If you have been involved in a Fontana accident, consult an Inland Empire personal injury lawyer like the Inland Empire Law Group to get the help needed to determine your legal rights and to get the maximum recovery available.

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