The Daily Bulletin reported injuries to a 7-year-old girl following being struck by a car on April 16, 2010.  In the late afternoon along the 10300 block of Amherst Avenue, in Montclair, California.  The young girl was airlifted to Loma Linda Medical Center for treatment. The Inland Empire Law Group wishes this young girl a speedy recovery.

When a family experiences an accident, there are so many emotions.  The first is horror.  Next, there may be relief to know the injuries were not worse, or, continued sadness if the injuries are serious.  Finally, the thought sets in as to what will be the long term affect of the injuries and how are the expenses are going to get paid.

Often, an experienced personal injury attorney can be the very person a family should turn to for answers to many of the questions and to understand all options.  Nearly every personal injury attorney provides an initial consultation for free.  A good Inland Empire personal injury will make the difference.  The Inland Empire Law Group at 909-481-0100 provides all its clients and potentional clients valuable information and quality legal representation.

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