On May 30, 2012, in a crowded crosswalk outside of Hemet High School, nine people were struck by a truck that ran a red light and was traveling in excess of 25 mph in the school zone.  Three people were critically injured by the negligent teenage driver.  All nine of the injured in the accident were students.  Witnesses said that the driver of a truck came right through a red light before striking the pedestrians.  Instead of making a right turn from the right turn lane, the driver went through the intersection as the truck accelerated.   The school campus had cameras on the buildings and digitally recorded the accident through those cameras.  A review of the images should help identify the cause of the accident.  The injuries suffered by the Hemet High School students range from critical to minor.

Obviously, the driver of the truck will be found negligent for the accident. It is even possible criminal charges will be brought.  (See our video "California trial attorney helps you know if you have a case.") However, the various claims that can be raised by those who were injured become much more complicated than at first glance.  Often times, in cases involving young drivers and multiple injuries, there are issues involving the amount of insurance and/or assets available to help pay for the expenses and for the pain and suffering of the injured victims.  There may be issues involving uninsured or underinsured motorist insurance coverage as well as claims made by health insurance, government health agencies, etc.  These cases need professional representation by an excellent personal injury lawyer.

Not all injury cases require legal representation.  However, moderate to serious injury cases, as well as complicated cases should only be handled through proper legal representation.  You can determine if you need a personal injury attorney for a Hemet auto accident case by attending a free consultation.  It is our hope that all those injured in this May 30, Hemet accident secure a speedy and full recovery.

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