On Tuesday April 23, 2013, along State Highway 138, two cars, a Ford Explorer and a minivan, collided head-on in the middle of the day. There were two people in one car and three in the other. Two of the injury victims had such severe injuries they had to be airlifted to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, with two others being taken by ambulance for medical treatment. Unfortunately, one of the men involved in the accident died in the collision. At the time of this blog, the investigation had not publically disclosed the cause of the accident.

Head-on collisions are often catastrophic because the speeds involved are often so much higher than in accidents when the cars are traveling in the same direction. Here is an example. If a Ford Explorer is traveling one direction at 60 mph, and at the same time, a second car is coming in the opposing direction at 70 mph. If these two cars hit head-on, they are hitting each other at 130 mph combined speed. If the two cars are traveling in the same direction, traveling at the same speed, the impact speed in that situation is only 10 mph. Alternatively, if the impact is to the side of one of the cars, the impact speed would be the speed of the one car hitting the other.

Following a head-on collision, the work performed by the accident investigators is extremely important to determine how the accident occurred and what are all the possible causes of that accident. Not every accident is just the responsibility of a single driver crossing the centerline in the roadway. Sometimes, the accident occurs because of a dangerous road conditions which led to the car crossing the centerline of the roadway. If that is the case, and there is evidence to support that finding, then the injury victims may have a claim against the person or entity that caused the dangerous condition.

Any serious injury case, or in any car wreck that results in injuries to the driver or passengers, should be presented to a really good personal injury attorney and have the case evaluated for a determination of negligence and all possible causes of the accident. With the proper legal representation, a personal injury lawyer can find the best possible financial recovery for the injured victims in car accident cases. The Inland Empire Law Group is a good choice for head-on collisions or serious car accident, with attorney David H. Ricks, an experienced personal injury trial lawyer leading the representation of injured victims for all of the Southern California Inland Empire. Contact our office at 909-481-0100 to discuss your case by telephone or set up a personal face to face visit to answer all your questions.

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