High Speed Chase Results in Two High Desert Collisions

One of the scariest experience for drivers and pedestrians is when a car is speeding down a highway or street while being chased by law enforcement. There are so many challenges for accident victims from fleeing suspects. High desert residents saw two collisions from a high-speed chase through the residential streets of Hesperia.  During the chase, the fleeing suspect caused a collision at the intersection of Eucalyptus Street and Cottonwood Avenue. The car continued on after this collision until the driver entered the southbound lanes of Interstate 15. The driver then exited the freeway and attempted to re-enter the freeway. This time, he struck another car along Main Street. Finally, law enforcement used a PIT maneuver to stop the fleeing car.

In this instance, the irresponsible driver was driving his own car as he was chased through the high desert streets. His conduct not only put the well-being of others at risk but also subjected himself and possibly his insurance company to financial liability for the damage and injuries he caused to these accident victims. If this driver had insurance coverage, hopefully, the insurance company steps up and covers the damages and losses. However, in the event he is uninsured or the insurance denies coverage, then the accident victims may have to try to secure compensation from their own insurance company. Understanding all the ins and outs of presenting proper insurance claims, especially in more complex situations, is what an experienced personal injury lawyer can do for accident victims.

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