September 28, 2014- Highway 395 Accident in Victorville resulted in Minor Injuries

In Victorville, California, at the intersection of Highway 395 and Palmdale Road, a four-vehicle accident was observed this weekend, September 28, 2014. It was reported that the aftermath of the accident resulted in one car on its roof. It was also reported that the accident only resulted in minor injuries in the accident. However, what is meant by minor injuries? Any injury from a car accident has the possibility of becoming a serious injury for the person injured. While an onlooker may not see blood, broken limbs or a serious head injury, their inability to observe the injury does not negate the existence of the injuries and the negative affect those injuries will have on the life of the injury victim. Consider this, a simple back injury which is first thought to be sprain/strain injury may actually develop into a spinal fusion because it is later discovered that the injury resulted in a herniated disk impinging the nerves of the lower spine. Is this injury minor? Once again, maybe to the onlooker who does not live with the pain. However, to the suffering individual and the family of that person, there is nothing minor about the injury. These individuals need prompt and proper medical care, as well as, proper legal representation to help an insurance adjuster know that which was initially expressed as a minor injury is, in reality, serious and life altering. An interesting trend comes from the minimization of injuries by the investigating police officers. More and more traffic investigation reports claim that the accident was “minor” or that the injuries were “minimal”. Where did these officers secure their medical or chiropractic degrees? What made them experts at the accident site? The answer is nothing made them experts, they just don’t want to be involved in the subsequent lawsuit as a witness, so they hedge the bet in favor of the at-fault driver.

Here are a couple of suggestions about reporting injuries:

1. Make sure you are completely accurate with the way you feel following the accident.

2. Express the full and complete description of the injuries to your doctor or medical team.

3. Be patient with your recovery because additional injuries tend to manifest themselves over time, and these injuries may be significantly worse than those previously known.

If you have been in the position where you told your injuries were minor, but you are still dealing with the injuries on a long-term or chronic basis, then share your comments in this blog.

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