Inland Empire Personal Injury Attorney | Inland Empire Drunk Drivers Put the Rest of Us In Danger

The Daily Bulletin reports that the number of drunk driving arrests increased in 2009 as compared to 2008.  This means that the rest of us are in more danger of being involved in a serious action.  In nearly every case I have handled involving a drunk driver, the injuries suffered by the victims of a negligent drunk driver have been serious.  This is generally true because the drunk driver is driving erratically, or the conduct is so erratic that the serious injuries naturally increase.  For example, a drunk driver on I-10 in Claremont, California causes an accident by running into a stranded motorist on the freeway at night.  Or, a drunk driver veers into an disabled vehicle on the side of the 57 freeway in Diamond Bar striking the vehicle and the driver that was out of his car.  Finally, a drunk driver enters the freeway going the wrong direction on the freeway, causing a head on collision and death and serious injuries.  A large percentage of the auto deaths in Rancho Cucamonga in 2007 and 2008 were caused by drunk drivers.

Please don't drink and drive.  If you are involved in an accident during the holidays, or at any time, seek immediate legal advice to help you through the ordeal.  The Inland Empire Law Group is a good place to go.  Call 909-481-0100 to discuss your case.

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