Pomona Auto Accident Lawyer | Interstate 10 Freeway Accident in Pomona Disrupts Lives

An early morning truck and car crash on the eastbound Interstate 10 freeway disrupted the morning commute. More importantly, this accident seriously disrupted the lives of those involved in the freeway accident.  The California Highway Patrol reported that the I-10 accident occurred before 7:30 a.m. just west of Dudley Street.  An 18 wheeler semi-truck, and as many as six vehicles were involved in the crash. 

When the vehicles finally came to rest after the collision, all eastbound lanes were blocked for more than half an hour until debris and wrecked vehicles could be moved from this very busy section of California freeway.  It took about an hour to clean the freeway to allow the traffic to flow east once again through Pomona.

While the time it took to clean the freeway was a mere hour, often times these types of accidents, especially accidents on our Inland Empire freeways, result in injuries to the drivers and passengers of the cars and trucks.  The personal injuries or physical damages in the wreck may take weeks, months and even years to heal.  Depending on the nature of the injuries, sometimes full recovery is never achieved.  During these times, when it seems like life is so totally disrupted, you need to turn to get the help you need.  A personal injury attorney, and the right medical professionals, can team up to give you the best chance for a full recovery, both medically and financially. 

Anytime someone has been involved in a car accident in the Inland Empire or on any of our local freeways, calling the Inland Empire Law Group can be the right move for the best chance of a full recovery.  See our video Do I have a Case?

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