Menifee Head On Accident | Personal Injury Attorney Discusses Negligence

At about 9 am September 12, 2012 a head on collision occurred in Menifee. A Murrieta woman driving a Toyota Matrix lost control over her vehicle while merging onto eastbound Bundy Canyon Road. Jake Wilkins was headed westbound on his way to work and was struck by the Matrix. He walked away with minor cuts and bruises, but the woman of the other automobile was critically injured and both vehicles were totaled. Sergeant Sergio Rodriguez said, “Witnesses are saying she may have lost traction in the gravel.”

Accidents are caused by many things, such as, negligent drivers, improper road designs, or negligence in leaving dirt, gravel, or water on a road that puts a driver in extreme danger. Look to see if an accident was caused by more than the obvious negligence of a driver. That driver may not have lost control of his or her vehicle except for some other cause such as construction, dirt, or mud on the road or gravel left behind and not cleaned at a construction site.

A good personal injury lawyer can look to find all people or companies who might be responsible for an accident.

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