Minivan Ends Up In the Side of a Garage in Victorville

Van Accident How would you like to be in your house, having breakfast, when a car comes through the side wall of your garage? That is exactly what happened to a Victorville family. The resident of the home stated he was having some breakfast and watching television when he heard a loud crash. He went outside to see a minivan crashed through the side wall of his garage. Upon impact, the car broke a gas line increasing the danger to all by spewing gas into the garage.

It was reported that this accident happened after the driver lost control of the vehicle. Everyone was evacuated from the house due to the leaking gas line. Five people were injured in the accident and the car and home were extensively damaged. The investigation into the accident, Sheriff's officials learned that the accident was caused by another vehicle running a stop sign, then striking the van.

The homeowner and the van owner have claims against the driver and his/her insurance carrier who ran the stop sign. These funds should assist in paying for some or all of the damage from this freak accident. However, what happens if the responsible driver does not have enough insurance or assets to cover the losses? In the case described above, the estimated loss to the home could exceed $60,000, and the minivan most likely was a total loss and will require replacement. However, most automobile liability insurance policies do not provide enough coverage to handle a loss of this magnitude. So where does a homeowner turn to secure full compensation for the repairs, loss of use of the property and other damages suffered by the innocent homeowner. They could turn to their homeowner’s insurance coverage. These insurance policies have coverage for many different types of damage. So long as there is proper coverage available, the loss should be covered.

If there is not enough insurance or the loss is not covered by the available insurance, then recovering from the loss gets much more challenging. I hope these families are properly insured so they can make a full recovery from their losses without any financial loss out of their own pocket.

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