Multi-Vehicle Accident in San Bernardino Leaves Several Injured

    A multi-vehicle accident in San Bernardino, California resulted in several injuries to the occupants of those vehicles.  According to initial reports, this August 18. 2015, Interstate 10 Freeway accident involved two cars and a large semi-truck near Tippecanoe Avenue.  

    Multi-vehicle accidents, such as this San Bernardino freeway accident, can be extremely challenging for those injured in such accidents.  These challenges start with the collision itself and continue through the damages recovery phase of an injury claim against the responsible person for causing the collision.  The challenge with the traffic collision comes from establishing the person responsible for the collision itself.  Often, the cause of the collision has more than one cause or contributing factor.  For example, a rear-end collision can be the result of two vehicles following too close to each other with both vehicles impacting a third car.  Other issues arise from one or more vehicles starting a chain reaction.  A thorough investigation of the collision, sometimes well beyond the surface of a traffic collision report, can expose all the reasons for the collision.

    As the claim process moves forward, issues arise regarding the availability of insurance coverage, multiple claims against the available insurance coverage, claims that the accident victim might also be responsible for the collision.  Obviously, the insurance company is going to try to minimize the amount it has to pay for the injuries caused by the person the company was insured at the time.  

    With so many challenges associated with a multi-vehicle collision, an accident victim should research and find the right personal injury lawyer to help represent them to secure the best possible financial recovery to compensate the injury victim for all accident associated injuries, harms, and losses.  The Inland Empire Law Group should be a part of one’s investigation into a lawyer for an accident in San Bernardino, Riverside County, and East Los Angeles County or all the Inland Empire.  If injured in a car, truck or motorcycle accident, call 909-481-0100 now to discuss your injury claim with someone who will listen to you, evaluate your matter and help you learn answers to all your accident related questions.  Ultimately, the Inland Empire Law Group may be the right lawyer for you.   

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