Oro Grande Traffic Accident Results in Death of One and Three Injuries

A tragic accident occurred when a driver left the road, then over corrected sending the driver’s Honda Civic into an on coming Ford F-150. Unfortunately, this accident resulted in the death of the Civic’s driver and serious injuries to an 8 year old boy and 26 year old woman. The driver of the Ford F-150 also suffered injuries from the accident.

This tragedy, caused by a simple driving error, resulted in life ending and life changing injuries. There can never be a full recovery with the loss of life or serious injuries. So where does someone who is injured turn to get some help with medical bills, finances to support themselves during a prolonged recovery and for the suffering which goes with the recovery process? It comes from insurance coverage which may be available for the accident victims. Insurance proceeds can be challenging to come by unless all the qualifications are met for coverage.

In some instances, an injured person can secure insurance coverage without the need for legal assistance. This is especially true when it comes to property damage claims. In other circumstances, especially with personal injury claims, having a lawyer looking after your interests and finding all the available financial assistance is the only way to protect your rights.   

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