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An Upland clinical psychologist was arrested by Claremont police on suspicion of molesting his patients, young boys, during counseling sessions.  It was reported by The Sun reporter, Melissa PinionWhitt, in an article entitled "Claremont Psychologist Suspected of Molesting Boys During Sessions" that Thomas Gary Amberson, was first investigated following the report of a 9 year old boy claiming that the psychologist was committing lewd acts with the boy during his treatment session.  The doctor was also accused of performing sexual acts with a 13 year old boy in 2007.

Of interest is the fact that the 2007 claim did not proceed forward due to alleged insufficient evidence.  At this time, that case has been revisited.  It is claimed that the alleged abuser’s computer contained child pornography.

Unfortunately, this story about an Upland doctor molesting and abusing children is not an isolated event.  There are too many adults, who in their position of authority, take advantage of their position of authority to abuse children, both physically and emotionally.  The Daily Bulletin ran a series of stories of teachers abusing and molesting children.  These incidents are tragic and leave a legacy of emotional and physical devastation upon their victims and families.

If you suspect your child has been the victim of abuse or molestation, do the following:

1. Immediately remove your child from situation and provide your child with the care, love and support he or she needs.

2. Contact local law enforcement to have the matter immediately investigated.

3. Help your child get the medical care he/she needs.

4. If the molester works for someone or some entity, report the matter to the supervisor, school board, or authority who can investigate the matter and protect other children from further contact with the accused.

5. If you have a spiritual leader you can trust, meet with him/her and get the counseling you and your child needs.

6. Finally, seek out an attorney who can prosecute the matter for purposes of a civil claim to get a financial recovery for your child from the molester, the employer of the molester or others who may be liable for the emotional and physical injuries.

I hope this never happens to another child and their family.  Unfortunately, that hope is improperly placed because it will sadly happen again.  If you or your child is suffering from the damages from molestation and/or abuse from a doctor, priest, teacher or adult leader, and you are looking to know what to do, please contact our office to discuss your legal rights.  Your consultation is completely confidential and free.  The information obtained by you at your free consultation, can truly assist you in making a proper decision for your child.

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