Rain Soaked Road Results in the Death of 17-year-old in Devore

In a strange double accident, a teenager lost his life after escaping from a rolled over vehicle only to be struck by another vehicle. When the 17-year-old got out from under the overturned Acura Legend, he was hit by a minivan driven by a 60-year-old. The Acura was on the 15 freeway near Kenwood Avenue when it flipped. The weather was poor and the freeway was very wet at the time. The 18-year-old Acura driver was also injured and taken to the hospital.

Weather and road conditions may have been factors in both collisions. When freeways and roadways are drenched and rain soaked and when cars are traveling at nearly any speed, a driver can encounter aquaplaning or hydroplaning. This occurs when water builds up between the road and the tires thereby lifting the car off the road. Control is easily lost and the vehicle will not respond to attempts at bringing the car back under control.

The chances of hydroplaning are increased with speed, the amount of water on the road, the degree of wear on a car’s tires, and improperly inflated tires. Also, early after an initial rain, the chances of hydroplaning increase when the rain is mixed with the oil from the roadway creating a very slick surface.

During any rainy season, be extra cautious driving on the occasionally wet Southern California freeways. If a weather-related accident does occur, in Southern California, turn to the Inland Empire Law Group for excellent legal representation and assistance in your time of need. Call now (909) 481-0100 or submit your case information at www.davidrickslaw.com.

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