Inland Empire Personal Injury Attorney | Road Conditions in San Bernardino and Riverside Increase Cost for Accidents, Travel and Maintenance

A very interesting study was recently presented by TRIP a national transportation research group out of Washington, D.C.  That study showed that the condition of roadways in San Bernardino and Riverside urban areas resulted in an annual additional cost to drivers of $2,076.  This additional cost comes from the overall impact of traffic crashes ($461), additional vehicle operating cost ($632) and delays due to congestion ($938) from deteriorated or insufficient road conditions.  We learn from this report that there are often other associated factors contributing to a Riverside auto accident or a San Bernardino traffic collision, besides the drivers themselves.

In my practice of 25 years as a San Bernardino County personal injury attorney and Riverside County auto accident lawyer, I have seen car accidents, resulting in personal injuries or death, due to highways not being properly constructed or from the lack of proper safety equipment in place during construction or road repair.  Just recently I learned of a motorcycle accident wherein a man who was riding his motorcycle in the evening when he hit a pothole in a highway overpass, lost control of his motorcycle and died from the accident.  Other situations can arise when lane stripping has worn away so drivers can not see their own lane.

The TRIP report continues by stating that of all large cities (500,000 population or greater), the Riverside and San Bernardino urban area has the eleventh highest percentage of pavements in poor condition in the nation. An astounding fact is that nearly half of the area’s major roads are rated in poor condition.  Just 4% of the roads in San Bernardino and Riverside were considered in good condition.

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