San Bernardino Head on Collision Leaves Two Dead and One Injured

Head on collision causes deathOn June 16, 2014, a car crossed a double yellow center line and ended up striking an oncoming car. There is some indication that the driver of the offending car was speeding at the time. One man was hospitalized and in a coma from the date of the accident until July 3, 2014, at which time he succumbed to his injuries and died. The driver of the speeding car died on the night of the accident. A third person was also hospitalized, but the extent of the injuries suffered by that person were uncertain.

Those involved in the accident, were the two drivers, Jose Zacarias of San Bernardino, the driver of the car that crossed the center dividing line, and Danny Ramadan of San Bernardino the driver who lost his life following about 17 days of hospitalization. A passenger was also injured in the accident.

What Happens When the Person Who Caused the Accident Dies in the Accident?

The rights of the injury victims remain intact, however, they may be limited. The first thing that must be done is to determine whether the culpable driver had any insurance coverage for the accident. Also, a review of the victim’s insurance policy(ies) is required for uninsured motorist coverage and other relevant sources of compensation. If the culpable driver had insurance coverage than the injured victims or the family of a deceased victim, will work first with the insurance company to try to see what compensation may be available for the payment of the medical expenses and losses suffered by those in the accident. The next thing is to look into a number of assets the individual left behind which might be available to help pay for the losses. The third review involves all other sources of compensation for the injury victims from insurance policies, to other people who may have responsibility for the accident such as an employer, etc. The efforts to learn this information should be conducted early following the accident.

The other challenge comes from the fact that there are very large medical bills which will need to be paid for. If there is no health insurance to cover the expenses, then the hospital may have its own claim against the insurance available for the accident. If there is health insurance, the insurance carrier may want reimbursement of its payments for care. Knowing what to do to satisfy the medical expenses while preserving the rights of the injury victim, or the family of the deceased victim is critical to trying to secure some measure of financial compensation for the victims of this type of an accident. The positive news is that answers are available. To get the answers to these questions, seek the assistance of an attorney with experience in injury recovery, this would be a personal injury attorney.

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