Single Car Accident Causes the Death of a Rialto Man

Single Car Accident causes deathSingle car accidents often involve young inexperienced drivers, those who are impaired through sleep deprivation, drugs or alcohol, speed or malfunction. In a recent June 2014 tragic accident, a teenager with his 17-year-old companion, while driving a 1998 Acura crashed into a tree. According to the investigation, the car shifted to the right and entered a dirt area and struck a tree. This impact resulted in the death of the passenger, a resident of Rialto, while the Fontana driver ended up at the Arrowhead Regional Medical Center. While the details of this accident have not been fully disclosed, this single car accident exemplifies the correlation of youth and single car accidents.

Passengers in single car accidents can make claims against the driver of the vehicle for their personal injuries, or their families can make claims for the death of their family members in these accidents. One interesting component of making claims for single car accidents is that these claims almost always involve people who know each other. This familiarity of the person who caused the accident and the victim of the negligence often deters or dissuades the victim or family of the victim from making a claim. However, creative lawyering can help minimize the negative impact of the claim on the relationship, while maximizing an appropriate recovery from the insurance company.

An accident victim should never walk away from a claim which can help them recover some of their losses without negatively impacting the personal relationship or the financial well-being of their friend or relative who was responsible for the accident. Find out how a claim can be made without seriously damaging relationships between friend or family members. Call the Inland Empire Law Group at 909-481-0100 to discuss your legal rights and available options.

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