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Can a passenger in a vehicle bring a claim for injuries from an accident against the driver of the car or truck if the driver was at fault for the accident? The simple answer is yes, normally. Whether there will be insurance coverage for the injuries suffered may not be as simple to answer.

In a recent web article posted by The Sun in San Bernardino, the news organization reported that a 14-year old boy, Richard Martinez Jr., from San Bernardino, lost his life in a single car traffic collision involving an SUV and a tree on Sierra Way. A Ford Explorer lost control and struck a tree. There were two other persons in the SUV, the driver and an additional passenger. The accident remained under investigation. 

Investigation of The Accident 

When investigating a single car accident in San Bernardino, or for that matter a similar accident anywhere throughout the Inland Empire, there are many issues to investigate, including negligence of the driver, intoxication, speed, weather conditions, product or mechanical defects, road design flaws and insurance issues. Understanding all the necessary issues associated with a single car accident will lead to the maximum recovery for the victims of these injuries or loss of life. Finding a San Bernardino County personal injury or wrongful death law firm to help with traffic accidents is a good place to start in finding answers about how and why an accident occurred, who or what is responsible for the accident and how a maximum financial recovery can be secured following the tragedy to the accident victim or for the remaining family members following the wrongful death of a loved one.

Discussing your case with the personal injury professionals at the Inland Empire Law Group is a critical place to start your investigation in finding the right personal injury or wrongful death attorney for your case involving injuries or deaths from accidents. Call 909-481-0100 to speak with our staff and set up an appointment to meet with an attorney about your injury claim.

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