A Bloomington Hit-and-Run Accident Results in Fatal Injuries to a Tow Truck Operator

Bloomington was the scene of a hit-and-run accident on Jan. 28, 2014. Ricardo Valdez, a tow truck operator from Riverside, California was working on getting a vehicle ready to tow, when the driver of a late model Nissan Altima struck the tow truck operator at Cedar Avenue south of the Interstate 10 freeway. After the accident, Mr. Valdez, succumbed to his injuries at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center.

The hit-and-run driver was later found and arrested for felony hit and run and driving under the influence.

While in this case the hit-and-run driver was found, in many hit-and-run cases the drivers are never found. So where can an injury victim turn to for compensation for the injuries suffered? If the hit-and-run driver cannot be found, or has no insurance, then the victim has to turn to his own uninsured motorist insurance to recover from his/her injuries. An uninsured motorist policy can provide insurance if there is proof that the car or individual was actually struck, and there is no information on the vehicle that caused the accident or there is actual proof of uninsured status. In this Bloomington accident, the family of the deceased tow truck operator will first look for insurance from the hit-and-run driver, then if there is none, or there is insufficient, from their own uninsured motorist coverage.

Hit-and-run drivers are a serious problem and they often result in serious injuries or death. Protecting yourself with proper insurance, including health insurance, medical payments coverage and uninsured motorist coverage is an important part of being prepared for an accident. Tell others about your experience with a hit-and-run driver so others can learn from your experiences and avoid repeating the mistakes of the past.

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