Five People Tragically Killed Following a Three Car Collision in Chino

Multi-car accident On October 3, 2014, late in the evening in Chino, California, five people were tragically killed in a three-car accident. The collision occurred along Pine Avenue when a Honda Accord, a Honda Civic and a Chevrolet extended-cab pickup truck collided. Four occupants of the Chevrolet pickup and a single driver in the Accord all passed away in what turned out to be a fiery collision. The San Bernardino Coroner’s Office was only able to initially identify two of the victims, a resident of Mira Loma and Corona. The other three victims were unfortunately burnt to the point that identification will take some time.

Chino Officers to Investigate Further in Car Accident

At the time of this blog, there were no facts as to how the accident occurred. No matter how the accident occurred, this tragedy will take its toll on so many. So what happens next when it comes to the accident? Since there is a single remaining witness to the collision, this individual may be helpful in figuring out how this accident occurred. Additionally, the investigating officers will examine the area, attempt to identify skid marks, debris patterns, vehicle locations, etc. to reconstruct the accident. From this reconstruction, any witness statement or other information, the officers will assess which driver or drivers were responsible for this accident.

Once it is determined the cause of the accident, issues involving insurance and responsibility will be addressed by the surviving families and their respective legal counsel. Unfortunately, no matter what happens thereafter, in other words, no matter what the recovery, there will never be any resolution which will fully satisfy these tragic losses.

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