Victorville Labor Day Tractor-Trailer Accident Leaves One Seriously Injured

Tractor Trailer Accident Collisions between tractor-trailers, or 18 wheeled vehicles, and passenger cars can be devastating for those involved in such collisions. Often there is little that can be done to prevent these accidents or to prevent the injuries which come with a collision from a very large and heavy truck and a small passenger vehicle. Unfortunately, these accidents happen too often.

18-Wheeler Crashes into Car in San Bernardino County

In Victorville, on Labor Day morning 2014, a tractor-trailer slammed into the rear of a car then plowed through the Interstate 15 center divider. This accident apparently occurred when at 5 a.m., the truck hit the rear of a Kia, then veered through a K-rail center-divider. A K-rail is the standard concrete center divider often seen on our highways. After the impact into the K-rail, the truck overturned and the empty trailer was struck from a car heading in the opposite direction on Interstate 15.

The initial collision with the Kia resulted in significant damage to the Kia and caused serious injuries to the driver of the car. That driver was taken by air ambulance for treatment at an emergency room.

Truck drivers are generally excellent operators. However, there are so many contingencies when driving that a minor mistake can result in a major problem. A fatigued driver, a faulty brake, a gust of wind, a blown tire or a sudden stop of another vehicle, as well as many other events, can trigger serious accidents resulting in serious injuries.

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