There is serious concern in Morongo Valley over the significant increase in traffic related deaths on the Twentynine Palms Highway.  According to information from the California Highway Patrol, there have been ten deaths from eight traffic collisions between the western border of Yucca Valley and downtown Morongo Valley.  This number of traffic deaths is an increase from no fatalities in 2008 and only seven deaths during the entire ten year period of 1997 to 2007 reports the Hi-Desert Star on December 17, 2009.

Four of these deaths came as a result of a vehicle traveling on the wrong side of the road or running off the road.  Some efforts have just started to determine how accidents can be reduced through the use of barriers, monitoring speeds or increasing traffic enforcement.

Sometimes accidents are caused by drunk drivers, inattention to road conditions, exhaustion and sleep deprivation.  Other traffic collisions are caused by a combination of road conditions and driver error.  Some Morongo Valley traffic accidents are merely caused by the negligence of one or more drivers.

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