Victorville Hit and Run Accident Leaves Two Injured

Hit and Run Accident Hesperia experienced another hit and run driving accident. At the corner of Bear Valley Road and Balsam Avenue, a pickup truck heading east on Bear Valley Road struck several cars before the driver, who had a warrant for his arrest, fled the scene of the accident. According to reports, the fleeing driver went into a store, stole a shirt and attempted to alter his appearance to evade arrest. Ultimately, the hit and run driver was found by the County of San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department and arrested. The impact was so severe that two of the victims had to be cut out of their car. Fortunately, the injuries were not life threatening. 
Did you know that hit and run accidents are a significant proportion of all accidents in the State of California? Some interesting statistics include that in Los Angeles County over 45% of all accidents are hit and run accidents.  Across the State of California, the percentage of accidents involving hit and run drivers is as much as 18% of all accidents. Consider the fact that nationally, only 11% of all accidents involve hit and run accidents.
With so many accidents involving hit and run drivers, how can you protect yourself from being a victim of an accident involving a fleeing driver? First, protect yourself with uninsured motorist insurance coverage. If nearly 50% of all accidents in Los Angeles County are hit and run, as well as 18% Statewide, this means the need for uninsured motorist coverage is essential. Second, following an accident, if it is safe and feasible, snap a quick photograph of all the vehicles and license plate numbers just in case a driver decides to leave the scene. Finally, never leave the scene of an accident until the information has been exchanged between drivers, and if necessary, police arrive on the scene of the accident.
If you have not secured uninsured motorist coverage yet, do so immediately to avoid being a hit and run victim twice; once in the accident, and a second time, when there is no source of funds to pay for the injuries suffered in the accident.
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