Victorville School Bus Accident Injures Children

On October 11, 2012, a Victor Elementary School District Bus overturned which resulted in the injuries of more than a dozen young students. The accident apparently occurred with a Victorville resident, Genny Lynn Cordova, was backing up a U-Haul onto Nisqualli Road.  A California Highway Patrol Officer Joaquin Zubieta explained the accident by stating, “There was some sort of mis-communication and the driver pulled out in front of the school bus striking it and causing it to roll onto it’s left side.”  Most of the sixteen passengers suffered minor to moderate injuries.  Some were transported to local area hospitals for treatment.

When we place our children on the school bus to send them to school, we expect them to be safely transported both to and from school.  Most of the time, there is no problem and our children are safely cared for.  On other occasions, and thankfully these are rare, an accident does occur resulting in minor to fatal injuries.  These accidents can be caused by the bus driver or by another vehicle on the road.  In this Victorville accident, at first report, it appears to be caused by the failure of the U-Haul driver to safely back up the truck, thereby striking the school bus.  As safe as the school bus driver is, sometimes, there is just nothing that can be done to avoid an accident.  Other times, even the smallest level of inattention can mean the difference between avoidance of an accident and the contribution to the accident.  We hope these children, if injured in this accident, quickly recover both physically and emotionally from this accident.

One thing is for sure, the passengers of the bus are not responsible for the accident and would have claims against anyone and everyone who contributed to the cause of the accident.  If the school bus driver was fully or partially responsible, the injured party has a shorter time frame to present a claim because the bus is most likely operated by a government agency.  This shorter time frame is controlled by the Government Tort Claims Act starting in Government Code section 815.  Following an accident involving a California, State, County, City or local government agency, you need to immediately consult an attorney to make sure you do not loose your rights.  The loss of those rights could occur as early as six months following the accident.

In addition to a government agency, there may be liability for the accident from another driver, such as in the Victorville case mentioned earlier.  If an injured person has a claim against the private individual, then starting the claim earlier rather than later will benefit the recovery of evidence to strengthen the ultimate recovery.  No matter the cause of the accident, whether by a government agency or a private citizen or business, speaking with a personal injury attorney from the Inland Empire Law Group will help you know your rights and understand how you can recover financial compensation for your personal injury losses.  Give our professionals a call at 909-481-0100 or 1-888-MY-IELAW to discuss your legal rights, to receive a free consultation, to get answers to your questions and to have the information you need to make the best decision for your claim.

The Inland Empire Law Group handles all kinds of bus, truck, car and motorcycle accidents. Our combined experience of handling thousands of accident cases brings confidence to our clients that they will receive quality representation from the Inland Empire for their personal injury and accident claims.  Come see the difference an excellent personal injury law firm can make for your case.  Call Now.  909-481-0100.

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