Wrightwood Drunk Driver Accident

Drunk driving accidents cause injuries and death at a substantially greater rate than any other cause of accidents and injuries. California statistics show that thirty-three percent of all fatal accidents were caused by drunk drivers in 2012. A great number of non-death accidents are also caused by drunk drivers. An example of a drunk driver’s damage to the unsuspecting public comes from an accident in Wrightwood, California on March 10, 2015. A 22-year-old driver, suspected of driving drunk, struck a man standing outside his parked vehicle at a gas pump. It was reported that the car driven by the drunk driver was traveling at a high speed, then lost control of his car causing the accident and serious injuries to the pedestrian victim. The victim was transported to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center.

Many of the accidents caused by drunk drivers never result in full physical, emotional or financial recovery. Here are a few clues to help those injured by drunk drivers. After the accident is over, and you have received the immediate medical care you need, you should seriously consider doing the following:

1. Find a really good personal injury attorney who can help you locate the medical care you need, as well as, get the financial recovery you deserve.

2. Immediately review your insurance policy to see the type of insurance coverage you have which may benefit your recovery. Hopefully, you purchased medical payments coverage and uninsured motorist coverage (which includes underinsured motorists) sufficient to compensate you for all the damages suffered in the accident.

3. Evaluate all the losses you may have suffered or will suffer from the accident, then gather information which will support those losses. This would include such things as medical expenses, loss of earnings, extra household expenses, etc.

4. Make sure you keep a journal of your accident, injuries, recovery and significant events during your recovery.

5. Do all you can to minimize your losses, since you have a legal duty to do so. Additionally, early on there may limited information on the amount of insurance available to pay for those losses, so keeping the losses limited it benefits your ultimate recovery.

There is much to do following a drunk driving accident to establish your rights and set up a proper claim. Do not wait to find help in gathering all the proper information and establishing liability for the accident. Call 909-481-0100 for assistance in determining your rights and your ability to recover for your losses.

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