This is a question many people ask themselves following a car crash that was not their fault.  For some collisions, there are no physical injuries and only some minor property damage.  In other circumstances, the collision causes only a bruise or a brief instance of some discomfort which quickly resolves without medical care.  In those instances, there is little need to hire an attorney,  unless there exists some unusual circumstance, or the insurance carrier is not being cooperative in resolving the claim.  These types of claims usually resolve with the repair of a vehicle and some minor monetary compensation.

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If the collision is significant enough to cause physical trauma, then the crash victim will deal with unanticipated injuries, limitations and pain from the crash.  Some of those injuries can be bruises, soft tissue injuries (sometimes referred to as whiplash injuries), damaged spinal joints such as herniated or bulging disks, broken bones, or a traumatic brain injury (mild or severe).  With these types of injuries, the crash victim is having to find doctors and medical providers to treat those injuries.  Following these appointments, including a trip by ambulance and an emergency room visit, comes the inevitable medical bills, co-payments and insurance deductibles.  In many instances, the injuries are so bad that the injury victim cannot return to work for some time until the injuries improve enough to allow them to function at work.  At this point, the physical, emotional and financial challenges start mounting.  

Should You Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

If you were involved in a car crash which resulted in injuries significant to you, then you should seriously consider engaging the services of a personal injury attorney.  Some of the questions asked by most injury victims are as follows:

1. How much does it cost to hire a lawyer?

2. With so many attorneys out there, which attorney is best for me?

3. Will the attorney bring additional value to my case?

4. If the case does not settle, will the attorney be able to take the case to trial?

5. If I hire a particular law firm, will that law firm actually handle my case?

6. What experience does the attorney have with my type of case?

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