Motorcycle and Truck Wreck Aftermath If you're hurt in a motorcycle crash caused by someone else's negligence while driving a truck or car, you can file an insurance claim or lawsuit seeking compensation for injuries and other losses. Your right to pursue a financial recovery doesn't change just because the accident in question involves a motorcycle and a truck, rather than a motorcycle and a car. However, in either case you need an exceptionally skilled legal counsel to make sure you secure the best recovery possible. The attorney you hire to represent you should have extensive experience handling motorcycle crash claims, as both types of cases present unique challenges.

Truck Accident Claims Aren't as Straightforward as Car Crash Cases

Truck and car accidents can cause catastrophic injuries and damages, potentially entitling victims to sizable settlements or monetary awards. However, the question becomes who is responsible for the collision and injuries.  For example, their is a list of possible defendants that can be as short as the driver of the car or truck or can be long.  Some of the possible responsible parties include the truck driver, the trucking company, the shipping company, the mechanics responsible for performing regular truck inspections and maintenance, the company that loaded the cargo, parts manufacturers, and others.  You'll need an attorney to help you identify the appropriate party (or parties) to name as defendants in your lawsuit, as well as send all possible defendants, including the responsible trucking company, a spoliation letter requiring them to preserve documents and other valuable evidence related to your case.

Like truck crash cases, motorcycle accident claims can lead to significant damages and recoveries. In both instances, the greater the losses and possible financial recovery, the harder the defense attorneys will fight to prevent compensating you fairly.  The at-fault party's insurers and attorneys may also try to use unfair misconceptions about motorcyclists to cast you in a bad light.  A dedicated personal injury attorney can help you overcome these and other barriers to your potential recovery.

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