In California, there are no specialties or certified specialists for motorcycle accident lawyers, car accident lawyers or even for personal injury attorneys. While all licensed attorneys are legally capable of representing injured individuals, not all lawyers are properly equipped to handle the challenging issues which arise in a motorcycle collision.  To make sure you secure the best recovery from your motorcycle crash case— it is critically important you find an attorney with experience in, and a successful track record with, handling “motorcycle accidents” as part of their case history.    Motorcycle and Car Wreck on a Busy RoadA lawyer skilled in litigating a motorcycle case understands the unique prejudices held by jurors against motorcycle riders and their perception that they bikers are reckless, irresponsible and the cause of their own injuries.  Additionally, the injuries are often unique or substantially more severe than similar impacts between vehicles.  Further, in many motorcycle cases, the motorcyclist is unable to recall the events, does not know how the impact occurred or is too injured to aid in establishing the facts of the case.  In other instances, the death of the motorcyclist leaves a gapping hole in the story of what he or she was doing moments prior to impact. Hiring the right attorney, willing to dig deep to find all the necessary answers for a successful motorcycle injury or death claim is the best choice a person can make who wants to secure appropriate compensation for the injuries or losses suffered in a motorcycle accident.  

Here are some additional thoughts about what sets motorcycle crash cases apart from other accident cases, and why a motorcycle accident attorney is best equipped to help you fight for the best financial recovery:

  • More serious injuries and damages. Most motorcycle crashes aren't light taps and fender-benders. When passenger vehicles collide with motorcycles, the resulting injuries are severe, catastrophic, or even deadly.
  • Potential for larger settlements or financial awards. Motorcyclists with devastating injuries may be permanently unable to work, and require long-term or lifelong medical or assistive care. An experienced motorcycle crash attorney knows how to communicate the cost of such losses and can draw upon a network of qualified experts to testify on your behalf.
  • Bias against motorcyclists. Despite research showing that motorists are not responsible for the majority of motorcycle-passenger vehicle crashes, motorcycle riders have a pop-culture reputation for throwing caution to the wind that can negatively affect their fight for damages. A motorcycle crash lawyer comes prepared with the facts and evidence needed to shift the blame back where it belongs—to the at-fault party.

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