What Changes Occur When a Child Turns 18, Becomes an Adult, and Causes an Accident?

Teen driver When an individual is under 18 and is driving a car, the parents of that young driver remain liable, at least in part, for the damages and losses caused to another or their property by the negligence of the minor. V.C. sec. 17707 - 17710). However, after a minor becomes an adult, he or she becomes fully responsible for his or her actions.

What does it mean to become responsible for one's actions? After 18, when a driver is in an automobile accident, and that driver causes an accident, such a running a red light or stop at a stop sign, or rear-ending another car, the negligent driver will be held responsible for the injuries and damages caused by the other driver, the passengers and others that might have been injured in the traffic collision.

If you caused an accident, report it to your insurance company immediately so it can defend you against the claims of injury and losses of the injured individuals. However, if you were not responsible for a car crash, immediately advise your insurance company of the accident, seek the necessary emergency medical care and then call a good personal injury lawyer that can assist in maximizing your recovery from the accident. David H. Ricks of the Inland Empire Law Group is prepared to assist California injury victims, especially those within the Inland Empire.